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English Plus+ Reviews

We publish reviews free of social media oversight or censorship. Since September 2012 we have been publishing reviews of books we have read. Our interests are fairly eclectic, but readers will note a pattern of literature and classics, Christianity, young adult, baseball, related subjects, but many other things, too. About half are those recently published and half are older and classics.

Our Language Blog includes occasional notes on entrance exams like the SAT and, especially, Advanced Placement tests. The main contributor has been an AP English Literature and Composition reader since 2003. He has posted a number reflections and hints on the AP tests, some serious, some with a lighter touch.

Online Grammar Help

Even though our Grammar Slammer may be a legacy program, our Online Grammar Help still works great! It is a direct, simple, and clear source for English grammar information. Discussions continue from time to time online with our Language Blog, though nowadays it mostly carries reviews.

Online Literature Supplements

While our main literary work is our reviews, we do have a few interesting additions to literary studies available here and on Amazon. These include translations of two works that inspired The Count of Monte Cristo and a chapter missing from most English translations of that novel. In addition we have samples of the Bible in English 1395-1611, Wycliffe to King James. Our newest addition—the collected reviews of Joseph Addison on the English epic Paradise Lost. Take a look at our eclectic collection!

English Plus+ Legacy Software

English Plus+ began in 1990 as a spin-off of an SAT tutoring program by an experienced teacher who was learning computer programming. In 1991 the original Verbal Vanquish was distributed as shareware. Students tutored using the same outlines had increased their combined Math & Verbal SAT scores an average of 150 points. Verbal Vanquish was successful with nearly 20,000 registered copies sold.

Since 1995 our main program has been Grammar Slammer, an English Grammar Help program that since 2000 has had a grammar and spelling checker available. We also are experienced editors and proofreaders, and frequently answer questions about English grammar and usage. These programs are now legacy programs and are not compatible with Windows 10.


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