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Vanquish your Anguish while Programming



Vanquish your anguish about file characteristics in Windows. Now WinAlter lets you alter the Date, Time, and File Attributes of files without leaving Windows! Easy dialog box or drag and drop file loading. Thorough help file. Intuitive Windows interface. A handy utility for anyone needing to make life easier while in Windows. Only $10. Shareware. Works with any Windows 3.0 or higher. See note below on Y2K compatibility.

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XASCII Help is a handy ASCII character chart in the Windows Help File format. What could be easier? It gives the ASCII number and character that appears in Windows--often different from MS-DOS characters. It helps to vanquish the anguish of anyone writing text or Help Files in Windows. Includes warnings about characters which do not normally compile in Windows programs.
Free. Download XASCII3.ZIP for the latest version.

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DialogJB is simple Visual Basic for Windows code which does the job of the File common dialog box without using any DLL's, VBX's, or OCX's. This means you can customize it in your own way--add commands, pictures, colors, place it anywhere on the screen, make it any size you want. It uses up less space and is quicker. A nice touch for Visual Basic programs. Free. Look for DIALGJB2.ZIP for latest file to download.

VBRUN300.DLL is necessary to run WinAlter and many other programs. It is included in current WinAlter download files. If you do not already have it, you may download it from here.

A Note on ZIP Files

The downloaded versions of WinAlter, XASCII, and DialogJB are in the ZIP File format. The VBRUN300 file may also be stored in ZIP format. For about this file format click below.

A Note on Year 2000 Compatibility
WinAlter can be very useful for those who need to keep track of file dates. WinAlter has been tested and is fully compatible with the year 2000. It read and writes four-digit years. There is one little problem--it cannot write the date Feb. 29, 2000. Unfortunately, this is a "bug" in the Microsoft Windows 3.1 operating system and in other software published by Microsoft compatible with Windows 3.1. We were hoping we could solve the problem, but Microsoft has not, so we cannot. All other leap days are OK--as are all other days through the capability of the operating system. (For example, WinAlter generally works through the year 2044 on a Windows 98® system).
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