Commas are the most frequently used punctuation mark in English. Originally used to show a pause, they are used nowadays in a variety of situations to make writing clearer.

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The Three Most Common Comma Rules

Commas in Compound Sentences

Commas in a Series

Commas with Paired Adjectives

Commas and Introductory Words

Commas After Introductory Phrases

Commas After Introductory Clauses

Commas with Interrupting Expressions

Commas with Nonrestrictive Modifiers

Commas with Geographical Names

Commas with Dates

Commas with Titles that Follow Names

Commas in Addresses

Commas in Letter Writing

Commas in Numbers

Commas with Certain Words Omitted

Commas with Quotations

Adding Commas for Clarity

Commas with Adjectives Following Nouns

When Not to Use Commas

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