Abbreviations of Position or Rank

There are a number of common titles of position and rank which are abbreviated. Except for Dr., they are used only before a person's full name (i.e., at least first and last names); otherwise, the title is spelled out.

Correct: Sgt. Alvin York   Fr. Robert Drinan
Prof. William Alfred    Dr. Milton Friedman

Incorrect: Sgt. York    Fr. Drinan    Prof. Alfred
(Abbreviated without first name or initial.)

Correct: Sergeant York    Father Drinan
Professor Alfred   Dr. Friedman
(Dr. is OK to abbreviate with a last name only.)

Practice for internal correspondence within military commands may differ.

Abbreviations of position and rank include the following.

Professional: Dr.    Atty.   Prof. Hon.

Religious: Rev.    Fr.   Msgr.   Sr.(Sister)   Br.(Brother)   St.

Political: Pres.    Supt.    Rep.    Sen.    Gov.   Amb.    Treas.  Sec.

Military: Pvt.   Cpl.   Spec.   Sgt.   Ens.   Adm.    Maj.    Capt.
Cmdr. (or Cdr.)    Lt.   Lt. Col.   Col.    Gen.

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