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Grammar Slammer for Non-Windows Operating Systems

Available for PDAs, too

Now it is here, what many of you have been asking about...
Grammar Slammer is now available for many operating systems.

How did we do it? We developed an edition of our famous computer English grammar reference tool for the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Chances are, you already have this installed on your computer since many computer programs use this for their manuals and help files. And if you do not have it, you can download it free--at absolutely no cost--from the Adobe web site.

While it does not have the Windows floating toolbar, Grammar Slammer for Non-Windows does have all the features of the Grammar Slammer for Windows reference file. It has a Table of Contents/Bookmark feature for quick finding, many hyperlinks to the pages you need, a text search function, "back" and "forward" buttons, "page back" and "page forward" buttons, and most editions have a full table of contents. The information you need is just as easy to find.

It is easy to use and, like Windows users, you will now have a full English grammar reference at your fingertips. It is a perfect add-on to a grammar checker. $25 (US).

Grammar Slammer Deluxe Also Available!

Need spelling help, too? Grammar Slammer Deluxe is also available for non-Windows users. Grammar Slammer Deluxe contains all the feature of Grammar Slammer plus a listing of nearly 1100 words that are commonly confused or misspelled--emphasizing words that are overlooked by spelling checkers, words like complement and compliment.

Need double-barreled help for English? Get Grammar Slammer Deluxe today! $39.

FindMySoft certifies that Grammar Slammer - Non-Windows is SAFE TO INSTALL and does not contain any adware, spyware, or viruses that might harm your computer or steal your information

Certified Safe to Download and Install

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Notes for Using Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader is available for the following operating systems: Windows 95/NT or higher, Windows 3.1 and related systems, Mac OS most versions, IBM AIX, DEC OSF/1, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Linux (most versions over 1.2.13), Sun Solaris, Mac 68K, Unix, Sun OS, Digital Unix, Palm OS, Windows CE, and OS/2. All are available free for the downloading at the Adobe web site. If the Adobe Reader for Windows CE does not work on your PDA, a commercial Windows CE reader is available from
Ansyr Technologies.

Windows users who switch or may switch between operating systems may also want to consider Grammar Slammer or Grammar Slammer Deluxe for non-Windows systems since Acrobat Reader is available for all versions of Windows as well.

Not all features are available on all operating systems. We know, for example, that the Search function is not available on some Acrobat Readers for older Unix systems. Hyperlinks are not available on the older Palm OS reader, but English Plus has added some features to its PDA version to compensate for this. Because storage space is a factor on older handheld PDAs, Grammar Slammer for legacy PDAs comes in two files (the glossary is separate) and Grammar Slammer Deluxe comes in three files (grammar, glossary, and spelling are separate files).

Grammar Slammer for PDAs

Nowadays Adobe Reader is available for virtually all types of PDAs including those with Palm, WinCE, and Symbian operating systems. With recent developments in PDAs virtually all users can simply use the same Grammar Slammer for Non-Windows Systems as everyone else. The Adobe Acrobat Reader automatically configues the Grammar Slammer file for installation onto your specific PDA. Depending on the operating system and RAM, it may remove the pictures, turn the pictures to black and white, or reduce the size of the pictures. It may also change the bookmark system. It may make no changes at all. The program may appear slightly different, but all the information and hyperlinks will be there and will be easily accessible from your PDA.

Back in 2002 when we first came out with our Grammar Slamer for Palm OS, PDAs did not have the capacity they do now and Adobe Acrobat Reader only had one version for PDAs, and that was for the early Palm OS. Now there is an Adobe Reader for nearly every type of PDA and operating system. If you have an older Palm OS device, you may need to use Adobe Reader for Palm 1.1. If you are using that, then use our Grammar Slammer for Palm OS. If you can use Adobe Reader for Palm 2.0 or higher, or for any other PDA operating system such as WinCE and Symbian, then you should be able to use the regular Grammar Slammer for Non-Windows.

File Distribution
Currently Grammar Slammer and Grammar Slammer Deluxe are available on PC- and Mac-compatible media. Our Unix/Linux media install on most systems. We recommend that you be able to receive e-mailed files. They will be packaged in either .ZIP files (most IBM-based systems use these), TAR-GZ files (most Unix and Linux systems use these), SIT files (for Mac users). When you order, let us know what kind of medium and file type you want.

All files contain short text-based instruction files in three formats and the Grammar Slammer or Grammar Slammer Deluxe file in PDF format. The legacy Palm OS files are sent in PDB (Palm Database) format; they are compatible with Acrobat Reader for Palm OS, version 1.1.

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