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"A great utility to enhance word processing programs"

Pamela Toliver & Carol Kellogg, PC's for Teachers

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Grammar Slammer with Checkers is Windows 8 compatible
Windows 8 Compatible

FreeTrialSoft - 5 stars
Five Stars - Free Trial Software

Shareware Junkies - 5 Stars
Five Stars - Shareware Junkies

Paul's Pick's - 5 Stars
Paul's Picks - 5 Stars

Bulldownload - 5 Stars
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"This writing program answers questions not covered by standard grammar checkers. Based on the Windows help file format, this extensive file provides resources for all writers."
Software Research Institute - Download Windows Software

Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers

Complete English Grammar & Spelling Help

Slam your Grammar Agony...

"Most of us properly use grammar in more than 95% of our writing and speaking. The other five percent creates immense headaches... Grammar Slammer is better than any pain reliever for these headaches."
Brian Howard, The Writer's Web
Get rid of those English headaches!...
Now available with Spelling and Grammar checkers!
Are You Looking for the Perfect English Language Correction Software? Let's be honest, this side of paradise, it does not exist. Grammar Checkers and Spelling Checkers are very helpful, but they can't read your mind. They cannot know what you intended to say. But Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers has a complete English grammar and spelling reference with its own integrated Grammar and Spelling checkers. Have a question on something the checker points out? Simply click a button and you can easily find what you need in the Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers help file. What could be easier? It's the closest thing to having it all. $49 (US).

Satisfied with the Grammar and Spelling Checkers that you Have?
Just need something to answer those questions you are not sure about? Then try...

Grammar Slammer Deluxe

Grammar & Spelling Help with Grammar Slammer Deluxe

Vanquish your Language Anguish

What is the plural of hors d'oeuvre?

Grammar Slammer Deluxe contains the quick online English grammar help of Grammar Slammer plus the additional support of Spelling Slammer. Not only can you slam your grammar agony, but you can answer the questions and make the choices that the spelling checkers overlook. Available as registration option. Any downloaded version of Grammar Slammer (including online Grammar Slammer) contains a sample. $39 - for both Grammar and Spelling help.

Just need an English grammar reference without spelling help? Then try the original...

Grammar Slammer

Grammar Help with original Grammar Slammer

Vanquish your Grammar Anguish

Original Grammar Slammer contains the quick online English grammar help. $25 - for Grammar help only--no spelling or checkers.

"Grammar Slammer's simple appearance and vast amount information on grammar/writing help makes this program a must for all students, and I strongly encourage anyone to purchase this program." Shareware Junkies

Ask about special prices for site licenses, schools, and multiple copies (all versions). A Software of the Month Club Selection. A Ziff-Davis editor's choice.

TuCows Office - 5 Cows
Rated 5 Cows by TuCows Office

Are You Looking for the Perfect English Language Correction Software?

Grammar Slammer combined with a good Grammar Checker is unbeatable. Except, of course, for Grammar Slammer Deluxe combined with a good Grammar Checker and Spelling Checker! Now we have it all in one package--Grammar Slammer Deluxe with Checkers.

Grammar Slammer with Checkers 4.2 Award
Certified Safe Installation by

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Grammar Slammer Macros for Word Processors

Editions of Grammar Slammer Macros for specific Windows Word Processors are available--for Ami Pro, Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Star Office, and Word Pro.

Most Windows users will find that the Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME edition of Grammar Slammer is all they need. With many features built into these versions of Windows including tray icons and run at start options, there is less need for running Grammar Slammer from inside one of these word processors. However, the macros are still available for free downloading for any user who wants them.

"Grammar Slammer is a shareware program which is available for a twenty-one day free trial. It is a pop-up window that offers quick reference for those of us who fell asleep in secondary school English class. It is arranged with text hyper-links in increasing order of grammar sophistication, and was not difficult to understand. The information is generally clear and concise. Installation was quick and painless. The program is about 600 kilobytes in size, and deserving of space on your hard drive." The Net Author Newsletter

A Note on ZIP Files

The downloaded Grammar Slammer Files (all versions) are in the ZIP File format.

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